Sex Education star is possessed by the Devil: trailer

Sex Education star is possessed by the Devil: trailer

Asa Butterfield battles the demon with Stranger Things star Natalia Dyerd in All Fun and Games.

Two Netflix series superstars will soon be associated with the cinema. Vertical Entertainment has just released the terrifying trailer for All Fun and Gameshis next horror thriller, produced by the Russo brothers and which will put Asa Butterfieldhero of Sex Educationin the skin of a teenager possessed by the demon. Natalia Dyerheroine of Stranger Thingswill try to save her.

The video (below) shows Asa Butterfield possessed by a demon after being tricked into participating in a game involving a mysterious old knife, with a group of Salem teenagers. Marcus will now hunt down his friends through a series of deadly childhood games. It’s up to Billie (Natalia Dyer) to find a way to save his friends, while trying to survive a horrible night.

Directed by Eren Celeboglu and Ari Costa, All Fun and Games will be released in theaters and on VOD on September 1 in the United States. No date yet in France.

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