Sylvester Stallone and Mohamed Ali's show at the 1977 Oscars

Sylvester Stallone and Mohamed Ali's show at the 1977 Oscars

“I am the real Apollo Creed!”

Rocky will return this Monday evening on the L’Equipe channel. To wait, have you already seen this funny archive?

March 1977. Rocky is preparing to win two of the major statuettes of the evening (best film and best director for John G. Avildsen). It is a triumph for Sylvester Stallone, who carried the film at arm's length and joins Charlie Chaplin and Orson Welles in the very exclusive club of those who have been nominated in the categories of best actor and best original screenplay for the same film.

Inspired by the boxer Chuck Wepner, an unknown who had confronted and stood up to Mohamed Ali to everyone's surprise, Sly fought to impose his script on Hollywood, and above all to obtain the title role, he who was still only a second-rate actor. Rocky will ultimately be shot in a short month, for a million dollars, will bring in 225 and will win three Oscars. Unlikely.

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A little earlier in the ceremony, Stallone offers himself a first “reward” by engaging in a little duo sketch with… Mohamed Ali, who does not fail to tease him by affirming that he is the real Apollo Creed. Honored to be alongside this boxing legend, Sly has already won his evening. Four decades later, we see this sequence again with as much pleasure as nostalgia.

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