Thanksgiving: Eli Roth's new slasher (trailer)

Thanksgiving: Eli Roth’s new slasher (trailer)

The director of Hostel and Knock Knock continues to explore the horror genre, this time on the theme of the famous American holiday.

As its title clearly indicates, Thanksgiving is a horror film set during the famous American holiday in the small town of Plymouth, Massachusetts. It is the second oldest city in the United States, founded by English settlers in 1620. This city saw the birth of the celebration of Thanksgiving. It is therefore in this small town with a heavy American heritage thatEli Roth installs his slasher.

A serial killer is inspired by the famous party and the imagination of the settlers of the Mayflower (the name of the ship that landed on American shores) to terrorize the inhabitants of Plymouth. The party turns into a nightmare. The trailer is divided into two parts: an initial presentation of the excitement of Plymouth during the preparation for the party, followed by some images of the murders committed by the serial killer. Violence and hemoglobin will be there, headlined by Patrick Dempsey and the influencer Addison Rae. Thanksgiving will be released in theaters on November 29, 2023.

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