Series Mania 2024: the Murder Club achieves its goal thanks to Tiphaine Daviot (review)

The Murder Club achieves its goal on M6+, thanks to Tiphaine Daviot (review)

A funny police comedy, which juggles between absurd and macabre with a certain dexterity.

Eric Cantona just joined a new club. No round ball or seagulls or trawler in this story, since it is about Murder Club, a new police comedy which will arrive very soon on M6+, for the launch of the French group's brand new free platform. Completely new, Murder Club will soon be available in full on the platform, for a fun “binge” evening of 4 episodes.

Gray wig on his head – which almost gives him a false look of Patrick Sébastien – Eric Cantona there embodies a profile, author of successful novels, who has a unique gift for detecting truth from falsehood in people. So when the elusive serial killer nicknamed “Shakespeare” rears his ugly head again, a young crime cop decides to team up with him. Together, they form a classic duo that is completely opposite, on the trail of a mysterious bloody sect.

But in this team, it is not the former Manchester United number 7 who is really the star. The little known Tiphaine Daviotrevealed in the small series HP (on OCS) and already excellent in 2022 in Detox (on Netflix), takes all the light as soon as it appears in the image. The actress, who was one of the Hikers from TF1 last year, has an innate talent for comedy and manages to take a delightful distance from each situation, making this Murder Club very effective. A hypnotizing performance, recognized with the Female Interpretation Prize, during the last Séries Mania festival.

Often funny and striking, the farce also does not hesitate to delve into the thriller side, with this hyper-violent serial killer who decapitates his victims and a club of sociopaths passionate about snuff and excited by human suffering, who snatch the relics of killers. The series always navigates on a tightrope, as if the comedy was there to soften the darkness of the subject, even if it means giving up part of the thriller. Perhaps the greatest strength and greatest flaw of this Murder Club.

Murder Club will soon be available in full on M6+ while awaiting its broadcast on M6 in France.

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