The Rookie renewed for season 7

The Rookie renewed for season 7

Nathan Fillion and his teammates will return to ABC at the start of the school year. Warning, some information may contain spoilers!

On vacation until April 30 and despite a sixth part drastically shortened by the writers' strike last year, the LA cop will return for a seventh season, officially ordered by ABC, announcement TVLine. Enough to console fans disappointed with the ten episodes that make up season 6, compared to twenty-two for season 5.

ABC explains this decision by the more than satisfactory figures that this (small) season has generated: third in the viewing rankings for the American channel's programs, it is only surpassed by the giant Grey's Anatomy and by 9-1-1. Conclusion ? The public is always there at the meeting set by Nathan Fillion, Eric Winter, Melissa O'Neil, Richard T. Jones and the rest of the representatives of the police forces of the City of Angels.

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But before discovering this next part, ABC must still broadcast the last four episodes of the sixth season. Asked about this finale, Eric Winter, who has played Sergeant Tim Bradford since the beginning of the series, announces:

“We always put everything in the finale. There are a lot of revelations, and when it comes to Tim and Lucy. They do fun things together, (which involve) another big action sequence.”

Winter refers to the tumultuous relationship between his character and that of Melissa O'Neil, a sort of “Ross and Rachel” from the West Coast, which viewers left in complete breakdown before spring break. The actor continues, opening up about the next season:

“Everyone's playing it together as a team and we're supporting each other. It ends in a really pleasant way. And as far as Tim and Lucy go, it leaves a nice sort of… I wouldn't say closure or guarantee of anything, but that leaves a place where there are things to discuss.”

For the moment, ABC has not communicated any information on the storyline, the release date or even the casting of this seventh season, but it appears that Nathan Fillion, Eric Winter and Melissa O'Neil will reprise their roles.

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