Tim Burton Mourns Paul Reubens: The Director's Tribute to Pee-wee Herman

Tim Burton Mourns Paul Reubens: The Director’s Tribute to Pee-wee Herman

“I will never forget how Paul helped me at the beginning of my career” remembers the filmmaker with emotion.

He was the star of his very first feature film. Long before Wednesday, Batman Or beetle juice, Peewee Herman was the hero of the young filmmaker Tim Burton. The director was only 27 when he directed his first feature film, Peewee’s Big Adventure in 1985. A film that marked its time and left a lasting mark on American pop culture, laying the foundations of the cinema of Tim Burtonhis quirky universe and his unique style.

If he was not involved in the other stories of the character, whether on television or in cinema, Tim Burton today pays a tribute to the creator of Pee-wee, the actor Paul Reubens died Sunday at the age of 70.

“I am shocked and saddened” he wrote on Instagram. “JI will never forget how Paul helped me at the start of my career. This would not have happened without his support. He was a great artist. I’ll miss him.”

Another great filmmaker influenced by Pee-wee, Guillermo del Toro wanted to pay tribute to Paul Reubens. The Oscar-winning Mexican director remembers him as “of the patron saint of all misfit, bizarre, wondrous, and miraculous oddities“.

Other messages from stars tagged by Paul Reubens flocked to social media, like this emotional message from jimmy kimmel, Mark Hamill or that of Joe Manganiellowho had shared the poster of the last film Pee Weeon Netflix, with Paul Reubens. “Mwell… it’s hard. It’s so hard to say goodbye when you know you’ll never see someone who meant so much to you again. Someone who believed in you, fought for you, and saw things in you that most people didn’t… Today the world lost one of the greatest comedic geniuses of all time. all the time…

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