Yannick, Detective Conan: The Black Submarine, It Looks Like Planet Mars: New in theaters this week

Yannick, Detective Conan: The Black Submarine, It Looks Like Planet Mars: New in theaters this week

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By Quentin Dupieux

The essential

Raphaël Quenard delivers a real one man show and confirms that 2023 is his year without removing all the frustrations inherent in the cinema of Quentin Dupieux, for a few films

It is by directing it in Smoking makes you coughwhich Quentin Dupieux wanted to write for Raphaël Quenard (Junkyard Dogs) a tailor-made film. The story of a spectator of a boulevard play, The Cuckold, who, unable to do more than he is seeing, decides to challenge the actors and interrupt the show to take matters into his own hands. Inspired by the unparalleled eloquence of the actor, Dupieux signs here his most dialogued film for ages. And Quenard lives up to the gift given to him, through an interpretation rich in subtle nuances both in pure comedy and in a more emotional register.

And yet when we loved his first feature films so much and have suffered since seeing Dupieux rest on his laurels in films with brilliant ideas but so frustrating in their execution, this Yannick is not enough to reverse the deal. Because the same causes, the same effects. What singularity does he bring behind this n-th confrontation between prole and bourgeois? Why once again, does he himself seem to be looking for how he will be able to fit all this into a feature film format? And, having reached the end of its 69 minutes, we have to admit our inability to provide an answer to these questions. If only deep down Yannick has no other goal than to make people laugh and which is probably projected each time too much on Dupieux and his cinema.

Thierry Cheze

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By Yuzuru Tachikawa

A quick reminder of the facts: Detective Conan is one of the most popular franchises in the world (The Black Submarine is the 26th film adapted from the manga since 1997!) and which features the adventures and investigations of a high school student endowed with brilliant intuition but transformed into a 7-year-old schoolboy by a gang of conspirators. The movie Detective Conan vintage 2023 has the good idea to drop the enigma side a little for -like the successful The Bride of Shibuya released last year – focus on the planetary technology thriller aspect. Here, Conan must protect an international submarine station from the shenanigans of a band of gangsters, each member of which bears the name of a spirit over the course of a story that deploys all the arsenal of a real animated and youthful James Bond. . It’s fun, it’s fresh, it’s surprising, in short, always a pleasure. And as we are ready to see one like this every year, an appointment is already made for 2024.

Sylvester Picard

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By Stephane Lafleur

AT through a mixture of science fiction and a realist existential approach, Quebecer Stéphane Lafleur (director in 2014 of You sleep Nicole) succeeds in a beautiful cinematographic gamble. Following five people recruited to collaborate on the first manned mission to Mars and chosen because of their psychological similarities to real astronauts, this film shows protagonists who live a dream of space exploration by proxy but remain in the middle of the Earth’s desert. This is where David (excellent Steve Laplante), physical education teacher in the city, will take his role so seriously that he creates serious problems within the fake astronaut team. This ingenious encounter between Alien And Gerry holds the road and reminds us that rubbing shoulders with our disappointments can help to better understand reality.

Damien LeBlanc


By Ahmad Bahrami

Bemani, a woman imprisoned for 10 years for the murder of her husband, is finally granted parole. From now on, she has only one goal: to see her son again, from whom she was separated eight years earlier. She then goes to a car junkyard lost in the middle of nowhere, where her brother-in-law works. Carried by a black and white image that fits perfectly with its cold and dark story, The Wastetown explores in finesse the place of women in Iranian society, and a relationship with men based solely on mistrust. In a plot that takes (a little too) its time, the film wanders alongside Bemani, who will go from disappointment to betrayal in a miserable and dilapidated setting. With his second feature film (the first, Panah, dating from 2017, was not released in France), Ahmad Bahrami draws up an open-air camera, from which no way out seems possible.

Sarah Deslandes

SURO ★★★☆☆

By Mikel Gurrea

Suro achieves a feat. To contain so many (ebullient) subjects in one and the same film, and to give them a consistency, a rare dramatic vigour. Through a life-changing couple leaving Barcelona for the countryside, it is about the exploitation of immigrant labor, rurality, class contradictions, self-entrepreneurship, global warming, couple crisis … The whole thing makes for a great moral film. The characters face themselves. The viewer, too.

Estelle Aubin

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TROPIC ★★☆☆☆

By Edouard Salier

Twinning definitely inspires French genre-loving filmmakers. A few months after the attractive Our ceremonies by Simon Rieth, Edouard Salier also stages for his first feature two twins, Lázaro and Tristán, belonging to the same military program forming the crème de la crème of astronauts of the future to colonize space, the Earth being condemned in the short term . A race towards common excellence suddenly hit by an accident – ​​the contamination of Tristan, after the arrival of a mysterious celestial projectile in their training lake, by a toxic residue, gradually transforming him both physically and mentally – which will totally change the situation. Trying therefore to stay in balance between teen movie, family drama (with the character of their mother who sacrificed everything for them) and fantastic-horror cinema, tropical ends up slipping and pulling in lengths, because of too penalizing scriptwriting imperfections. But without damaging the visual power of the cinema of this director of clips for Massive Attack and Justice, accompanied by the intoxicating soundtrack of SebastiAn.

Thierry Cheze


By Jaime Rosales

Revealed 20 years ago by the impressive thriller Hours of the dayJaime Rosalès gave the feeling of getting lost in a cinema where the form stifled the content a little more with each feature film. Wild Sunflowers allows you to see something better without regaining the power of its beginnings. He stages a young woman, raising her two children alone, in love with freedom and emancipation, who falls in love with a man whose toxicity will quickly jump out at her and push her to take off. Les Tournesols sauvage then espouses her sentimental journey which will lead her to try to reconnect with the father of her children then to fall for a third man and live this relationship, nourished by the lessons of the previous ones. Remarkably embodied by Anna Castillo, the too academic side, too catalog of received ideas of the whole prevents the film from carrying us up to its ambitions.

Thierry Cheze


By Juichiro Yamasaki

A former rider of the South Korean team who had to give up passion in his heart and who lives in Japan, employed in a career, suffocating under debts. A young militant high school student whose muted anger manifests itself in a daily silent demonstration at a crossroads. Two daily lives, two destinies, two loneliness that will cross paths, following an accident in the mountains in the course of an initially intriguing story – like these very secret characters – before getting tired, for lack of giving some keys to the spectators and to complicate things unnecessarily. This distance prevents the ambitioned emotion from being born in spite of an achievement that is convincing, both in its mastery of the frames and in the play with the desaturation of the colors.

Thierry Cheze



By Francesca Archibugi

Chances, coincidences, story built in flashbacks and flashforwards… From the 70s to the present day, the very Lelouchi new Francesca Archibugi (cute is gone) recounts the loves and troubles of an Italian unable to heal from childhood love at first sight. But the filmmaker fails to translate the fluidity of Sandro Veronesi’s writing and gets lost in an overly mechanical story that drags on, failing to create the ambitious visceral attachment to its characters.

Thierry Cheze

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