Was Kang deleted from the end of Loki, season 2, for the rest of the MCU?

Was Kang deleted from the end of Loki, season 2, for the rest of the MCU?

The producer assures that there were no retouches or cuts during editing.

We expected to see Jonathan Majors at the center of the stage of the grand finale of Loki season 2. A springboard for Kang the Conqueror, supposed to be the big villain of the future of the MCU. But no. Spoiler alert!

Contrary to what sources told Variety, saying that “Marvel was screwed“because of this finale and the massive involvement of Jonathan Majors, Kang is clearly the big loser in this finale. It is not at all essential. And if the studio wishes, it can erase the character and its actor in the midst of legal turmoil, even if the next Avengers will be called The Kang Dynasty !

Aside from a fleeting reference to Ant-Man 3 and his Kang Variant, the villain seems strangely evacuated at the end of Loki. So much so that we wonder if the production didn’t make adjustments along the way:

“It’s a definite no.” replies the executive producer of Loki, Kevin Wright, at TVLine. “What was said before the finale was broadcast was nonsense. That’s all I can say.” He promises that no footage was intentionally cut in the editing room following the scandal. Jonathan Majors. On the contrary, “the story that is on screen is the one we decided to create. The proof in our fantastic visual effects: you can’t do this if you don’t lock down the narrative elements months in advance. This final sequence took eight months of work – just in post-production, let alone filming. We’ve never really cared about the Marvel Universe as a whole, and that’s why these two seasons have been good. We built our own thing, we told our own story. People started saying “Oh, Kang! “But we just built on that foundation.”

As a result, Kang is in his natural place at the end. And there was never even a question of bringing him back in a post-credits scene to tease the sequel: “No, we didn’t write any (post-credits scenes), and we certainly never shot one! I know some people like more interconnectivity between Marvel projects. But I think it can also be an obstacle to certain stories. For us, it was a closed story, and that’s it.

We still don’t know if Jonathan Majors will remain in the Marvel Universe after his trial for domestic violence, which will begin in a few days. In any case, the end of Loki opens the door to this possibility.

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