What Echo's post-credits scene means for Daredevil

What Echo’s post-credits scene means for Daredevil

Wilson Fisk more powerful than ever?

Only five short episodes. The new Marvel series can be watched in one sitting. But you have to look carefully Echo until the end, because it contains a post-credits scene. Spoiler alert!

We find Wilson Fisk there, after he has just left Maya alone. Obviously, he renounces his “niece” and returns to New York sheepishly. His eye is treated (thanks to Maya’s powers) and in his private jet which brings him back, he calls a meeting to stabilize his criminal enterprise, turned upside down by the young woman.

Suddenly, Le Caïd hears two journalists on the news discussing the race for mayor of New York which has begun. They then evoke the desire of voters to have a candidate who is a “ brawler, ready to fight with bare hands » in the figurative sense obviously. New Yorkers would like to elect a “ outsider » who doesn’t step out of line and isn’t afraid to attack the establishment. This candidate will obviously be Wilson Fisk!

We understand that the character will present himself at the Town Hall and that this will certainly be the starting point of the new series Daredevil: Born Againwho will see Vincent D’Onofrio find Charlie Cox (after their first confrontation on Netflix). This scene suggests that Born Again will adapt the “Devil’s Reign” arc from the comics (a saga published between 2021 and 2022), which showed Fisk becoming mayor of New York!

It remains to be seen whether The Kingpin will already be the boss of Manhattan when the new series begins Daredevil or if Matt Murdock will make it his mission to prevent him from accessing the throne during the campaign.

Difficult to know, knowing that since the filming of this post-credits scene, Marvel Studios has decided to completely reshoot Daredevil: Born Again, which stopped its production, fired its writers and directors, to start from scratch. We still say to ourselves that, if the “Devil’s Reign” arc were no longer to be part of the series’ plans Daredevilthen the studio would have simply cut this bonus scene fromEcho.

In any case, we won’t see Wilson Fisk again right away. Daredevil: Born Again will not be released until 2025 on Disney Plus.

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