When 50 Shades of Gray became 50 Shades of Pubic Hair in post-production

When 50 Shades of Gray became 50 Shades of Pubic Hair in post-production

The cinematographer of the first opus of the erotic saga (back this evening on TFX) is not stingy with anecdotes!

Dakota Johnson had some sort of patch on her pubic area, and all around her body. We were in the strange situation of having to add pubic hair in post-production. I wouldn’t say it was one of the highlights of my career, but it was definitely one of the most surreal stories.”.

The director of photography of Fifty Shades of grey, Seamus McGarveymade this astonishing confession to the New York Timesin an article dedicated to behind the scenes of sex scenes in cinema and series, in March 2015. We reshare his words at the time when the film Sam Taylor-Johnson is rescheduled on television, precisely at 9:05 p.m. on TFX.

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The cinematographer then detailed how this work was out of the ordinary for the team responsible for special effects, who previously worked on Guardians of the Galaxy, Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow And Maleficent.

We also learned during this discussion that Jamie Dornan wore something for”cover his penis” and Dakota Johnson had “a buttocks lining“.”I had the pleasure of casting an untattooed rear end. Surrealist story number 2″, laughs McGarvey. The latter specifies that several repetitions of the sex scenes of Fifty Shades of grey took place, just to put the actors at ease. And some shots were captured using a remotely controlled camera, which avoided having the whole team around. Jamie Dornan And Dakota Johnson in these intimate moments.

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