Yesterday: the complaint of spectators “deceived” by the absence of Ana de Armas was rejected

Yesterday: the complaint of spectators “deceived” by the absence of Ana de Armas was rejected

The actress was cut during the editing of Danny Boyle’s comedy, but this does not constitute false advertising, considers the judge in charge of the case.

It happens that spectators file complaints against Hollywood studios for false advertising. For example, this happened when a woman, convinced that Drive was an action movie after seeing its trailer, considered that she had been cheated by Nicolas Winding Refn and the team responsible for promoting her film, since the final result on screen was much slower and less focused on chases than what had been to him “promised”.

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Yesterday thus received a double complaint in early 2022. Not by members of the Beatles who would have reacted badly to this Danny Boyle comedy (Trainspotting) and Richard Curtis (Love Actually) having their music as the main subject, but by two Americans disappointed to see Ana de Armas appear in a commercial on Google, but ultimately not in the final cut. The actressAt loggerheads and of Blonde hair was in fact cut by the director for the 2019 cinema version, his small role ultimately not being as important in the plot as what they had imagined with his screenwriter.

Paul Michael Rosza and Conor Woulfe filed a complaint with the California court for false advertising, accusing Universal of “misrepresented” the content of their film. But prosecutor Stephen Wilson has just refused their request for $5 million in compensation.

Detailing that he took the complaint seriously, and having studied it from every angle, he firmly affirms that he wants to put an end to this affair, since the complainants have changed the terms of their complaint three times in a year and a half. “The court considers that continuing the debates on this subject would only be futile, we read in the report of August 28 relayed by Deadline. The complaint is dropped, with no fine from either side. Since this is the third time that the plaintiff has filed such a request, we note that it should be the last.”

The message is clear: the California court does not want to waste any more time on this case. The judge’s irritation is also palpable when he states in black and white that Woulfe had already seen the film on Prime Video before discovering the advertising on Google with the actress, and that he only filed this complaint after having rewatched the film on Google Play to check if Ana de Armas was in Yesterday. He therefore already knew that it had been cut during editing, since he had watched this same comedy shortly before. “The complaining Woulfe was unable to explain why he thought that the version of Yesterday that they saw on Google Play would be different from what they had already accessed through Amazon”thus mentions the report of the dismissal.

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