Zendaya and Tom Holland love rewatching their first Spider-Man

Zendaya and Tom Holland love rewatching their first Spider-Man

Homecoming reminds them of their youth! As well as the birth of their couple.

Tom Holland was present this weekend at the Critics Choice Awards. During this important ceremony in Hollywood, he notably caused a sensation by meeting his mentor from Marvel, Robert Downey Jr.shortly before he was honored for his performance in Oppenheimer.

On the red carpet, Holland also made some revelations to Extra. Asked about the rather cold reception of his mini-series The Crowded Roomhe explains that he needs to observe his work as a spectator to improve: “Of course I see my own films and series. Sometimes I feel like I’m my own best critic. I know what I’m capable of, and if I see myself underneath, I’ll think: ‘Shit ! I could have pushed further there.’ But once it comes out, there’s nothing we can do.”

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A rare confession in Hollywood where several actors say they hate seeing themselves on screen. But Tom is like Jeff Bridgeswho can’t help but go all the way The Big Lebowski if he comes across it while watching TV: he admits to liking to revisit certain key projects in his already busy career. He details that there is a blockbuster in particular that he rewatches with pleasure, accompanied by his darling: Spider-Man Homecoming.

Zendaya and I, once in a while, go back to the first part and remember our 19th birthday, he says. Of what the creation of these films represented. I love them ! I particularly savor certain moments. However, I try not to rehash them too much, so that it remains something special. It’s a luxury, a real gift to be able to sit in front of it and somehow relive your youth. You know, without this job, I would never have become the man I am today.”

To go back to The Crowded Rooma series for which he was nominated for the Critics Choice Awards (but the prize in his category went to Steven Yeun for Beef), he adds : “Zendaya saw this show at the same time as me, while we were editing. I sent her the episodes to get her opinion. So yes, she saw it, even several times. More than I I thought, actually. But when the show aired, even though I was proud of the show, I didn’t watch it.”

Tom Holland previously explained that playing a psychologically disturbed character led him to step back for the sake of one’s own mental health. The Crowded Room would have ultimately helped him, even if he came out of this experience exhausted. He added this weekend about himself: “You know, it felt good to be nominated. Not just for me: I felt honored to represent the show.”

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