Zendaya would like to play a great villain and become a director

Zendaya would like to play a great villain and become a director

“I’d like to type in the evil, get some supervillain vibes,” the Euphoria star explains.

Zendayathe heroine of the series Euphoria and sagas Spiderman And Dunesgave an interview to She in which she is asked about her dreams. How did she see her life as a child? What are the wishes that have gradually come true? Those that she has not yet accomplished? She reveals in this regard that there is one thing that she would like to do soon on the screen: to interpret a great villain.

“I would love to play a villainous character. I would love to be evil, have supervillain vibes. However it manifests, I’m not just talking about a superhero role. I mean a emotional point of view. Someone bad. I always play nice girls, I would love to play a bad guy.”

In the same vein, the 26-year-old actress is asked about the job she dreamed of growing up. “I believe that by staying in this industry, I would have liked to be a director, she replies. It’s something I want to do one day. Outside of film, I think I would have followed in my parents’ footsteps to become a teacher. I love children, I like to learn and I like to pass on.”

Zendaya will return soon in Challengersby Luca Guadagnino, a three-way romance set against the backdrop of tennis matches. Then she must find Timothée Chalamet in Dune – part two, but not before March 2024, since this sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s SF blockbuster has just been postponed. As for the third season ofEuphoriait should be released in 2025.

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