Camille Lou, Constance Labbé and Claire Romain will be TF1's Cat's Eyes!

Camille Lou, Constance Labbé and Claire Romain will be TF1’s Cat’s Eyes!

The “live action” series reveals its cast.

She is one of the most famous faces of TF1: after Charity Bazaar (in 2021), I promise you or again The Fighters (2022), Camille Lou will become a “girl of today, child of the form”. Yes, she will be one of three Cat’s Eyesin the “live action” series that the private channel is preparing.

In the columns of Ouest France, Ara Aprikian, the deputy director general of content, announces the casting. Constance Labberecently passed through Balthazar alongside Tomer Sisley, will be Sylia, the wise and composed eldest of the three Chamade sisters who run a family café during the day and steal priceless works – which belonged to their father – at night. Camille Lou will therefore play Tam, the second and central character, romantic and in love with the clumsy cop Quentin. Finally, the young Claire Romainwell known to fans of the TF1 soap opera Here it all startswill be Alexia, the cheeky and funny youngest.

“These are three talents on which we bet a lot and which will be a fairly explosive trio. We wanted to have them embodied by young actresses, as in the basic work”, confides Ara Aprikian in the regional daily. He then clarifies that Cat’s Eyes has ambition and will be “undoubtedly one of the most expensive series that we will produce next year with extremely large production budgets“.

To achieve this, TF1 will partner with a streaming platform, in this case with Amazon Prime Video which will broadcast this live version internationally.

Note that the role of Quentin has not yet been cast.

Cat’s Eyes will place the story in France, in Paris, today. “Alexia, Tam and Sylia reunite after years of separation. At the same time, a work that belonged to their father who disappeared ten years earlier in the mysterious fire of his art gallery resurfaced during a prestigious exhibition at the Eiffel Tower. They then decide to take all the risks to steal her in the hope of finally understanding what happened to her. Very quickly, the trio found themselves in the crosshairs of Quentin Chapuis, captain of the BRB, responsible for arresting these new thieves…”

Filming should begin by the end of the year for a broadcast in 2024.

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