Charles and Camilla's wedding will be in the ending of The Crown

Charles and Camilla’s wedding will be in the ending of The Crown

The ceremony was held in April 2005 across the Channel. It will be replayed by Dominic West and Olivia Williams on Netflix.

After the wedding of Charles and Diana, the bells will ring again in the final season of The Crown.

Netflix announces via a new teaser photo that season 6 will include Prince Charles’ second royal wedding, when he married Camilla Parker Bowles. Dominic West And Olivia Williams will thus replay this page of History on Netflix. The image in question reveals the booklet of the ceremony, which was held in real life on Saturday April 9, 2005, less than 10 years after Diana’s death.

The death of the princess, who died in a car accident in 1997, will also be included in this final chapter of the royal saga. Producer Suzanne Mackie recently confided to Deadine that the authors were cautious about this still burning tragedy: “There were long and very careful conversations about how we were going to proceed. We wanted to approach the subject with enormous sensitivity. The public will judge it at the end, but I think we recreated this moment with sensitivity and reflection. There’s a huge amount of respect from all of us, I hope that’s evident on screen.”

Season 6 of The Crown is expected by the end of the year on Netflix.

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