Christopher Nolan Won't Direct Another Superhero Movie

Christopher Nolan Won’t Direct Another Superhero Movie

The filmmaker has already directed his trilogy on Batman and does not imagine returning to it.

Long before the Marvel Universe dominated the box office, Christopher Nolan was already making superhero movies. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight And The Dark Knight Rises enabled the filmmaker to establish himself as a successful director. But for him, that period is over

In an online interview, French YouTuber HugoDécrypte asked Christopher Nolan if he would like to lead “another superhero movie“. Without a shadow of hesitation, the filmmaker replied “No“.

If he does not elaborate more than that, we understand that Christopher Nolan has absolutely no intention of returning to the genre, even though Christian Bale had suggested in 2022 that he might consider putting the Dark Knight costume back on, for a 4th movie, if Nolan decides.

It will not happen. On the other hand, a Star Wars carried out by Christopher Nolan, it remains a possibility! The director didn’t say “No” to this question, preferring to leave the door open…

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