Flashdance: Jennifer Beals was dubbed by a man in the cult audition scene

Flashdance: Jennifer Beals was dubbed by a man in the cult audition scene

Back to a… muscular choreography.

Return to the audition scene Flashdance, before seeing it again this evening on TF1 Séries Films.

Often imitated but never equalled, the scene at the end of Flash dance deeply marked his era. And for good reason, All is cult there: from the low-cut swimsuit to the black spats of Jennifer Beals passing through the heady “What a Feeling” by Irene Cara. But what obviously stood out the most was the incredible performance of Alex Owens, the character played by the actress who then stood out in the excellent series The L Word. A modern and ultra-dynamic choreography, mixing classical dance, hip hop and even a few breakdance steps.

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What is less known is that it is not Jennifer Beals who dances in the famous scene. The camera, often at a height and held away from the heroine in a black bodysuit, is in reality filming a professional dancer of French origin named Marine Jahan. Aged around twenty at the time, the young woman was not credited in the film, for fear of ruining the image of Jennifer Beals exploding in Hollywood when the film was released, in 1983.”The producers thought that by revealing that Jennifer didn't do the dance scenes herself, they would break the magic. So I suggested that I be included as an assistant choreographer or even simply in the acknowledgments. I wasn't really given an answer, leading me to believe that a solution would be found.”reveals the dancer in the columns of Galain 2014. The deception will be revealed in the press quickly after the film's release.

Another anecdote, it turns out that Marine Jahan was not the only understudy for Jennifer Beals in the famous audition scene. To perform a very technical dance step, that of the spinning top on the back – a figure that Marine Jahan and another dancer were not able to perform – Paramount called on… a man. More precisely a 16-year-old breakdance dancer (wearing a wig for the occasion), Richard Colón aka Crazy Legs, famous member of the Rock Steady Crew. “It's funny because when you slow down the scene, you understand what's happening, confided the dancer to the media The Post. There's a lot of 'masculinity' in this scene.”

We'll let you judge for yourself.

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