Priscilla, by Sofia Coppola, is already criticized by the family of Elvis

FNAF continues its success at the US box office, Sofia Coppola gets off to a good start

The Priscilla biopic succeeds in its theatrical debut while Five Nights at Freddy’s remains at the top.

Continuing to surf on Halloween, Five Nights at Freddy’s remains at the top of the US box office this weekend. Despite a drop in attendance, the horror film passed the $100 million mark in revenue across the Atlantic, a great feat given that it is also available at the same time online (on the Peacock streaming platform which does not exist in France).

Five Nights at Freddy’s also benefits from the fact that there was no big release, since Dune 2, initially planned, was postponed by the ongoing strikes in Hollywood. The way is therefore clear to let the films perform. This is also the case of Taylor Swiftwhich takes another $13.7 million in its fourth week, totaling $166.1 million at the US box office and more than 230 million worldwide.

Behind, Martin Scorsese and his Killers of the Flower Moon passed the mark of 50 million dollars in North America and 120 million at the worldwide box office, quite far from its biggest successes.

Finally, Sofia Coppola was able to share his Priscilla in a network of 1,350 rooms across the country. His critically acclaimed biopic about the wife ofElvis, earned more than $5 million at the US box office. An excellent start, the best from the filmmaker in a long time, twice as good as The preys (in 2017) and in the vein of what she had done for Marie Antoinette (in 2006). Priscilla will be released in France on January 3, 2024.

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