Jamel Debbouze prepares a new "H" among airport customs

Jamel Debbouze prepares a new “H” among airport customs

A new sitcom shot in public for Canal +.

Twenty years after the end ofH” which lasted 72 episodes (between 1998 and 2002), Jamel Debbouze prepares his return in a new TV series. A new sitcom on Canal+, which will take place in an airport supposed to be Roissy – Charles de Gaulle. He will play a customs officer.

We don’t know more at this time, but we understand that it will be a wacky prank in the vein of “H“, which will therefore swap the hospital setting for the airport setting.

“We come back with a genre that I love“, confirms the actor during the press conference (quoted by Ozap) specifying that the shooting will take place in public, as in the heyday of “H“: “It gives a particular color to the fiction…”

Jamel Debbouze also announces a “extraordinary cast“completed by a guest for each episode. But we won’t know more before the start of the school year. The title itself is still under consideration.

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