Liam Neeson isn't done with action films: 'I'm honored to be a part of this'

Liam Neeson isn't done with action films: 'I'm honored to be a part of this'

At 72, the Taken star doesn't plan to put his guns away just yet…

Liam Neeson talks about his career in The Hollywood Reporteron the occasion of the release of the Irish thriller In the Land of Saints and Sinners (recently offered in France on Prime Video). Asked about his future projects, the leading actor from Schindle's Listr explains why he agreed to participate in the reboot of Is there a cop…?and he also looks back on his potential future action films.

From the box of Takenin 2008, he indeed chained “Neesonades” interspersing these multiple revenge films with other genres of production, comedies such asAlbert in the West, Ted 2…or dramas (A few minutes after midnightby Juan Antonio Bayona, Silence, by Martin Scorsese…). When the journalist reminds him that at the dawn of his 70th birthday, he had said in an interview that he would not be able to act in this type of production for much longer, he replies:

“Good God, I'll be 72 in June! There are a few scripts that interest me but that I won't be able to film before 2025, but they're not particularly action-oriented films. There's this film I made in Melbourne (Ice Road 2)which has a bit of action scenes… In fact, I think I'll quit the day my stunt coordinator, Mark Vanselow, comes to me and says: 'Look Liam, I should replace you to shoot this.' Then I'll know it's the right time to stop.”

“The public is intelligent, he continues. People know when you're over the limit, when you can no longer punch properly or shoot the gun. I'm not there yet. I can probably film one or two more. I feel privileged, honored to be able to participate in this kind of action since the first Taken that we filmed what ago? 16 years old ? 17 years old or 18 years old?

“Right now I'm just focusing on The Naked Gun. We're going to start filming in May, he concludes. In May or June, and it will be filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. After that… we'll see. There is nothing definitively fixed.”

The Naked Gun is expected from July 28, 2025 in cinemas. In the Land of Saints and Sinners is currently viewable on Prime Video. Here is its trailer:

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