The Miraculous phenomenon told by its creators

Miraculous is a hit at the French box office, Indiana Jones 5 resists

The animated film made a successful debut in cinemas, but The Dial of Destiny will not let go of the top of the rankings so easily (source Le Film Français).

Marinette really has a huge following. The film Miraculous attracted more than half a million spectators for its first week in French cinemas. A total which even rises to 660,421 admissions at the French box office, taking into account the previews. In short, an excellent score for Jeremy Zag’s animated film, which holds the dragee high in dial of destiny.

Indiana Jones 5 achieves roughly the same score (without AVP), with 640,000 additional tickets sold in the second week in France. a drop of 41% in attendance, but a completely satisfactory score which allows the feature film to already reach 1.7 million admissions and to give hope for a nice hit on arrival. Although, for comparison, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull had already reached this figure in its first week of operation in May 2008.

Behind the leadership duo, we find Elementary. The latest Pixar is already approaching 1.5 million admissions at the French box office after three weeks and should certainly do better than Arlo’s journey (2.75 million in 2015).

Good launch also for Insidious: The red door. The horror film is a hit across the Atlantic, taking the lead in the US box office. In France, it achieved the best start of the franchise with 305,000 admissions.

Finally, it should be noted that 20 years later, Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra remains very popular. For its re-release, Alain Chabat’s comedy garners 200,000 more spectators. This allows the film to officially enter the Top 10 biggest hits of all time at the French box office, with 14.7 million cumulative admissions.

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