Quentin Tarantino knows Freaky Friday by heart

Quentin Tarantino knows Freaky Friday by heart

He particularly loves the rock scene of the “House of Blues” audition.

The film freaky friday released in 2003 has become cult over the years. Jamie Lee Curtis And Lindsay Lohan exchanged their bodies there and won the hearts of… Quentin Tarantino !

Director Mark Waters tells the Hollywood Reporter this week an unlikely anecdote: during an evening, the filmmaker held his leg for long minutes, telling him in detail freaky friday and more precisely the scene of the audition in the rock bar, epic musical moment of the film:

“I once got cornered at a party by Quentin Tarantino, who described to me in detail, shot by shot, this sequence in the House of Blues bar. He was explaining to me why it was an awesome scene and a perfect ending for the movie… Deep down I was like, ‘That’s cool man…’ Quentin Tarantino was really in big fan mode!”

In the scene in question (see above), Lindsay Lohan performs “the song Take Me Away”, which is actually a cover by Australian punk rock band Lash. Visibly, Quentin Tarantino adore. It remains to be seen whether he will want to spin Jamie Lee Curtis And Lindsay Lohan in his latest film…

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