Ron Perlman calms things down after threatening studio bosses

Ron Perlman calms things down after threatening studio bosses

“You make 27 fucking million dollars a year without creating anything. Watch out for you motherfucker,” the actor had dropped in a viral video.

Last Friday, after the official start of the actors’ strike, Ron Perlman threw a tantrum in a live Instagram. The actor was reacting to an anonymous source, quoted by Deadline, that the studios wanted to drag out the writers’ strike until the writers started losing their homes. A rotting strategy that brought the star out of Hellboy its hinges, a sign that the situation is very tense in Hollywood between the various players in the film and television industry:

Listen to me motherfucker, there are plenty of ways to lose your home. We can find out who said that – and we know who said that – and where they live… You wish this on people, you wish families would starve while you make 27 fucking million dollars a year with nothing create. watch out motherfucker.”

The video was quick to go viral, especially on Twitter where a cover has accumulated more than 6 million views. Aware of having gone too far, Ron Perlman deleted his live the next day, and published a new video to calm things down, while reiterating that the situation was intolerable for workers in Hollywood and elsewhere:

I got a little carried away (…) Let me make things clear, I wish no harm to anyone. I hope the asshole who made that comment didn’t either, but when you say you’re not even going to negotiate with these jerks before they start bleeding… This strike is a symbol of a struggle that goes beyond largely the strike itself. It’s a symptom of a corporate America that has lost its soul.“.

Less vehement, but just as upset as the day before, Ron Perlman then called on the members of the AMPTP (the association which brings together American film and television production companies) to “maintain a degree of humanity“.”It can’t be all about your Porsche or your stock options (…) So let’s be clear, I don’t mean anyone any harm, I haven’t named anyone, but stop your bullshit, ok? ‘Cause all you do is kill what’s beautiful in this country by putting a price tag on everything“.

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