Saoirse Ronan tries to quit drinking in The Outrun (trailer)

Saoirse Ronan tries to quit drinking in The Outrun (trailer)

The poster for this acclaimed drama across the Atlantic echoes that of Lady Bird.

The Outrun tells the story of a woman who, leaving rehab, returns to the wild Orkney Islands in Scotland after more than ten years of absence. As she reconnects with the spectacular landscape where she grew up, memories of her childhood intertwine with more recent events that set her on the path to healing.

Fans of Come back to me have known this since 2007: Saoirse Ronan always accurately embodies characters that are not so easy to interpret. Because they are “hard”, withdrawn into themselves, even guided by dark designs. With a preference for historical atmospheres, Paths of freedom has Brooklyn Passing by The Daughters of Dr. March. Thanks to Lady Bird, Hannah Or Lost Rivershe also proved that she could be comfortable in contemporary productions, but always with a predilection for dramatic roles.

She will soon return to the heart of a poignant film which marked the last edition of the Sundance independent film festival: The Outrun. A European project, based on an autobiographical novel by Scottish author Amy Liptrot, produced by German artist Nora Fingscheidt (known for Benniawarded at the 2009 Berlinale, and for Unforgivable with Sandra Bullock) and therefore worn by the 30-year-old American-Irish actress.

Come Back to Me is a brilliant work, populated by fantastic actors

Saoirse plays Rona, a young woman who is capable of great violence when under the influence of alcohol. Suffering from this addiction which makes her radically change her behavior, she tries to successfully wean herself off. To definitively put an end to alcohol, she will return to her island of origin, far from temptations, and also getting closer to her past, to her family, to nature, in order to find a better rhythm, a hygiene of healthier life…

A role that she once again embodies to perfection, according to the first American spectators, who were won over by her performance at the start of the year, but also by the approach of the director, who is keen to portray a contemporary woman without hiding her flaws, and who wants to accurately transcribe the sensations experienced by people in need.

StudioCanal, the distributor of The Outrunbrings this film closer to another notable role in Saoirse Ronan's career: on this poster, she is the central object, in profile, and looking towards the future with her colored hair, a bit like on the poster for Lady Birdby Greta Gerwig.

After this film, the actress would also like to sign for a lighter project, why not once again under her direction? Explaining to Harper's Bazaar why couldn't she accept the cameo that his favorite director wanted to offer him in barbieshe comments:

“I would love to make a modern, fun film. Being able to do a good comedy requires a certain talent and also musicality. I'm not sure I've acquired that yet, but the older I get, the more I feel comfortable and the more I want to try.”

Also worn by Paapa Essiedu, Stephen Dillane and Lauren Lyle, The Outrun will be released in September in the UK. It does not yet have a date in France.

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