Sofia Boutella and Simon Pegg, the two great successes of Star Trek Without Limits

Sofia Boutella and Simon Pegg, the two great successes of Star Trek Without Limits

Limitless love for Jaylah (Sofia Boutella) and Scotty (Simon Pegg): Star Trek 3 is a hit thanks to its co-writer engineer and its female star.

Updated March 12, 2024: Star Trek: Limitless will return at 9:20 p.m. this evening on C8. If a fourth part seems to have stalledthis sequel released in 2016 at the cinema is worth a look, especially for two characters who stand out from the crowd.

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Article from August 16, 2016: Symbolically, it's almost too obvious. Engineer Scotty, who runs the engines of the starship USS Enterprise, is played by Simon Peggalso co-writer and producer of Star Trek Limitless. Obvious.

The one who runs the machine, the gathering place for all the characters, the reason for their team, their Starfleet mission, the ship whose legendary silhouette is enough to evoke all the richness of the universe of Gene Roddenberry. The same one who wrote the third Star Trek of “Kelvin Universe”the storyline rebooted since Star Trek from 2008.

Without limits contrasts with the first two episodes, directed by Abrams and written by the duo Roberto Orci/Alex Kurtzman. Its script is therefore signed by Pegg (with Doug Jung, who wrote episodes of Big Love And Banshee) and that defines a certain state of mind. Without limits is going to be the film of the fanboy invited to play in his fictional universe, with the respect and modesty that goes with the approach. It's not for nothing if Without limits looks like a (very) good episode of the original series. The hero ofEdgar Wright inject into Without limits the DNA of the fandom, which is the reason for the saga Star Trek.

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It is also no coincidence that it is Scotty to come across Jaylah, a tough and handy alien, a wanderer stranded on a desolate planet who dreams of Starfleet. It is Sofia Boutella who hides behind Jaylah's black and white face – inspired by kabuki theater makeup.

The French actress exploded in Hollywood thanks to her role as Gazelle, the killer with legs of steel from Kingsman: Secret Service. She moves, she fights, she moves forward, she is a female character who exists for good. Without spoiling the surprises of the film, his presence above all crystallizes the profound change in Without limits compared to the two previous parts: while Kirk (Chris Pine) is notoriously priapic in the first two films, here he never tries to seduce Laylah. Compare with the character of Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) In Into Darkness, reduced to an appearance in underwear meant to satisfy the public's base instincts. Not Jaylah.

Not Sofia either, who will be the Mummy opposite Tom Cruise in the reboot The Mummy what is Universal preparing for 2017, and whose future in the saga Star Trek at the cinema seems assured. Sofia and Simon: as long as these two remain part of the Enterprise crew, the future of the saga also seems assured.

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