Squeezie plays Who's the Imposter?  with Camille Cottin and Marion Cotillard

Squeezie plays Who’s the Imposter? with Camille Cottin and Marion Cotillard

The biggest French YouTuber has treated himself to two distinguished guests for his latest video.

For his new episode of Who is the imposter?the YouTuber Squeezie invited big names from French cinema, Marion Cotillard And Camille Cottin, who took part in the game. The concept of the video consists of letting three people appear pretending to have a job (any job), except that one of them is an imposter, an accomplice of one of the guests or of Squeezie. In addition, the YouTuber confided that the friendship between Camille Cottin And Marion Cotillard didn’t make things easy. Production went out of its way to find relatives who had no connection with the adversary.

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In a video lasting more than 50 minutes, 4 trades are represented: a barista, a florist, a darts player and a croupier. The episode is intended to be iconic since it is the very first time that a guest does not recognize his accomplice, an impostor in the selected professional exercise. This choice of guests was criticized on Twitter, but Squeezie had already invited French cinema to join in the recreation, notably with Pierre Niney And François Civil.

The video quickly rose to number 1 on YouTube trends. Note that the actresses were keen to mention two associations at the start of the video: La Maison des Femmes and the Tonga association.

Marion Cotillard is currently showing in Little Girl Bluein theaters since November 15, 2023.

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