Swann Arlaud, new star of social networks thanks to her “sexy” role in Anatomy of a Fall

Swann Arlaud, new star of social networks thanks to her “sexy” role in Anatomy of a Fall

Justine Triet herself had fun with the phenomenon when receiving her Golden Globes, calling him “the sexiest lawyer in the French Alps”.

After its Palme d’Or and its success in French cinemas, Anatomy of a fall is becoming a phenomenon across the Atlantic. If we don’t yet know its chances at the 2024 Oscars, the film has just been hit the Golden Globes winning two awards, best foreign language film and best original screenplay. His co-author and director Justine Triet took the stage twice this weekend, and her speeches caused a sensation.

Not just because she seems to have given the solution of his film (murder or suicide? The director clearly mentioned one of the two)! Triet also thanked his actors, and in particular Swann Arlaud, alias “the sexiest lawyer in the French Alps”. As opposed to the character of Antoine Reinartz, who is his counterpart “most hated”.

Swann Arlaud – You only want me: “It’s a reverse Metoo film!”

Why did she define them like that? Quite simply because these two roles have been making a lot of noise on social networks since the American release ofAnatomy of a fall. On X was thus born a “game” of “baddest character of 2023” illustrated with an image of the general counsel from the film. It must be said that Reinartz plays a particularly fierce and head-smacking interlocutor opposite Sandra Hüller. Next to it, his opponent played by Arlaud looks like a “kind”. He is a protective, attentive lawyer. But also in love with the woman he defends? It is perceived as “the sexy asset” ofAnatomy of a fallto the point of having had the right to a special montage by a fan of the film.

Swann Arlaud: “Comedy is played first degree”

This “fancam” 100% dedicated to Swann Arlaud was so popular with American Internet users that it was relayed by NEON, its distributor across the Atlantic. Gina, its creator, confides in BFM about the phenomenon: “I already saw people talking about his charisma in Anatomy of a Fall. And when I left my session, I had the same revelation as the others. For fun, I told myself that I was going to make a ‘fancam’ for his character. She admits not having thought that her best-of would be so successful (“Otherwise, I would have ridden it better!”she laughs), even if she herself says she is fascinated by this character, by “his charisma, his calm, his hair.

In France, Swann Arlaud is obviously far from being unknown. At 42, he has been an actor for around thirty years and has received two Césars, for Little farmerin 2018, and Thanks to God, two years later. On the stage of the ceremony, he made a memorable speech:

Little Peasant: “This film is based on necessity”

Favoring independent cinema (for example, this year he was in The Workbencha major film on the commitment of Mathias Gokalp), he did not wish to react to the French media, which wonders if his international success is not partly linked to his resemblance to other actors popular.

If the director Erwan Le Duc, who directed him in the very touching Partridgefinds him physical similarities with Nahuel Perez Biscayart, whom he has just hired in Her Father’s Daughterin the United States, it is mainly Austin Abrams (Euphoria) and Thomas Brodie Sangster (The labyrinth) that it is compared. Two actors younger than him but equally acclaimed for their delicacy.

“I noticed a lot of people were comparing him to these younger Austin Abrams actors and saying he was an older version of themdetails Wendell, alias @rhodetolove on X . I believe there is something about his physical appearance that appeals to young movie fans around the world. (…) He is very handsome in the film. He has a very sweet face and is very kind to the main character.”

The buzz therefore did not escape the director ofAnatomy of a fall. Will he also help promote this French film to the Oscars? Answer in a few weeks, the 94th ceremony being set for March 10.

Let’s end with this interview with Swann Arlaud for Firston the occasion of the release of Partridgein 2019. Met at the Cabourg romantic film festival, the actor delivered his vision of the acting profession:

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