The New Adventures of Aladdin, starring Kev Adams, doesn't deserve its bad reputation

The New Adventures of Aladdin, starring Kev Adams, doesn’t deserve its bad reputation

You will be able to judge this evening on M6.

Update July 7, 2023: Big success of autumn 2015 at the cinema, The New Adventures of Aladdin had received a killer critical reception when it was released in cinemas. comedy with Kev Adams worth a catch-up session, however, as justified First when released on DVD. That’s good, the film will return to the small screen tonight, precisely from 9 p.m. on M6.

Kev Adams, the star who divides

News of February 17, 2016: After putting the haters of the Net in overheating at the time of its cinema release, The New Adventures of Aladdin tumbles on DVD haloed with a catastrophic reputation despite its 4.5 million admissions. Wacky hypothesis: what if it was much less bad than the rumor says?

The New Adventures of Aladdin is the biggest French hit of 2015

Average on IMDb 3.5/10, 3.3 at SensCritique, 2.2/5 for Internet users of Allociné: the cyber-report card of New Adventures of Aladdin leads him straight away into the limbo of the Nanardo-Franchouille cinema, where sacred stink bombs coexist with varying fortunes such as Cineman, Jetset 2, The Lords Or The Bronzed 3. The difference between this one and his fellow dungeons is that he never stinks of rancid opportunism and blatant incompetence and does not set up the contempt of the masses as the only course of action. On the contrary, it’s a pleasant couillonnade in our own fashion, very imbued with the slightly deviant and very schizo personality of its authors, David Cohento the script, and Arthur Bezaquen, to the realization and as a second hissing knife. The first is an old-timer in television writing and well-calibrated cathodic sitcoms for the housewife. He is, moreover, an immense scholar of US pop culture, capable of reciting to you from memory the entire episode of the Chinese restaurant in Seinfeld. The second is the owner of two very trendy sports halls in which the All-Paris come to work their abs and buttocks. Yet since he fell on This Is Spinal Tap at 16, he never stopped dreaming of being a leading comic writer/actor.

Kev Adams takes everything at the French Film Trophies

The two committed all three seasons of the craft sitcom together Zack, aired on OCS, a fake doc about a megalomaniac and low-headed singer, filled with real scatto/absurd valves that pushed the cursor of cathodic trash quite far. In addition to their taste for poo and nonsense, a guarantee of quality, the two have therefore no hesitation in farting in flutes to better climb the rope while having your hands free. Appalling in its parodic vein (have jokes with “Things, I’m your father” not been banned since at least 1986?), the film, on the other hand, fires all wood when it comes to to highlight its cast (Judor And red are hilarious, the youngster William Lebghil is a real revelation, Kev Adams pass the dishes very well to all of them, without ever vampirizing anything) or to venture into degenerate slapstick. There reigns above all here a real “good spirit” which encourages relaxation, a schoolboy fever which contaminates the whole film and allows it to short-circuit its destiny of a costume ball between TV comedians who have come to pay their taxes. Leave your tomatoes in the crisper drawer, sure you’ll have a blast.

The incredible address book of Kev Adams

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