The Top 20 Best Disney Plus original series to watch in France

The Top 20 Best Disney Plus original series to watch in France

It’s not just the Star Wars and Marvel universes: there are also the Beatles, Scrooge and Selena Gomez! Everything you need to have seen on the platform.

More than three years after its arrival in France, the Disney Plus platform continues to expand its catalog with original creations, mainly from the Marvel and Star Wars universes. But not only. Thanks to the “Star +” section, Disney Plus also offers more adult series in France, which are released in the USA on the studio’s other platform: Hulu. Enough to offer diverse and varied content to French subscribers. Here is our Top 20 series you must have seen in 2023 on Disney Plus.

The Top 30 best Netflix original series


A pure romantic comedy, lunar and assumed. In a poetic atmosphere, the excellent Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat (Nona and her daughters) signs the chronicle of an inevitable affair. With his gently pitched tone, a sincerity that bursts through the screen and a joyful tenderness, Irresistible attempts to elucidate the mysteries of feelings and the unfathomable trauma of a breakup. It is light, often completely outdated and devoid of any cynicism, occasionally reminding us of the good sides of Heart Plan from Netflix. While managing to find its own charm, mainly thanks to the presence of a Camélia Jordana who we had not seen so radiant since her time with Emmanuel Mouret.
Actual status : no season 2 planned at the moment.


The metro, work, sleep version of the Pixar saga. This direct sequel to the first 2001 film brings Bob Razowski and Jacques Sullivan back to the city of Monstropolis, but with an interest in other characters, who now work in the factory producing laughs. A fun and colorful exploration of the universe Monsters and Co.
Actual status : Season 2 currently in production does not yet have a date.


A pure series Star Wars. In addition to fitting methodically in the wake of Episode VI, it was produced as a direct sequel to Rebels. Almost season 5… but in live action! The series does not hesitate to multiply the references, to explore the mythology of the saga, pushing the nods even to the recently released video games. Visually impressive, Ahsoka does not get lost in philosophical-spatial conjectures. The lightsabers are out and the choreography of the (many) fights has been meticulous. Ray Stevenson makes a perfect adversary as an ex-Jedi fallen to the dark side and Thrawn an exhilarating new villain.
Actual status : there could be a season 2 or the sequel could completely be Dave Filoni’s Star Wars film.


This spin-off of the 2018 film, Love Simon, subtly explores the twists and turns of coming out during adolescence. Carried by the particularly touching revelation Michael Cimino, the teen series succeeds in being tender and sincere, without falling into melodrama, and gains in maturity over the seasons.
Actual status : the series ended in June 2022, at the end of season 3.


All 75 episodes can be discovered on Disney Plus. The opportunity to immerse yourself between Episode III and Episode IV of the saga, at a time when the Empire dominates the entire Galaxy and hunts down the last Jedi knights. The rebellion takes shape and we follow a ship, the “Ghost”, and its crew led by young Ezra. In the vein of a Rogue Onethe series, full of action, allows you to discover other aspects of the universe Star Wars.
Actual status : completed since 2018.


Delivering a Dantesque double performance, Oscar Isaac makes a sensational entry into the MCU. A Marvel series that juggles personalities and is unlike any other. The Egyptian director Mohamed Diab staged this schizophrenic waltz mixed with a pharaonic adventure in the vein of a Indiana Jones made in MCU. The choreography has been carefully thought out and it is devilishly fun.
Actual status : Steven Grant is not expected in the MCU soon. No season 2 in sight.


Amanda Seyfried is amazing as Elizabeth Holmes, in this “true crime drama” which looks back on the Theranos scandal or the true story of the scam of a kid from Stanford, who succeeds in deceiving the world of Silicon Valley, with her company high-tech medical doctor, who claimed to have discovered a revolutionary process for blood tests… With her piercing blue eyes and her turtleneck straight out of the Apple offices, the former Mamma Mia! sells this mini-series with such conviction that you end up believing it. A bit like when Theranos made the whole of Silicon Valley mistake bladders for lanterns…
Actual status : a mini-series without sequel.


With its totally improbable extended title, this meta series derived from old successful TV films High School Musical has achieved the impossible: establishing itself as a teen drama in its own right, without remaining in the shadow of its iconic model. Even more, it gave rise to a new superstar of the small screen and pop culture, named Olivia Rodrigo…
Actual status : the final season 4 in 8 episodes was broadcast in 2023. The series is over.


An astonishing spy series, thought of as a piece of George Lucas’ great puzzle, which takes place five years before the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (the 2016 film), during the installation of the Empire. Diego Luna returns to play the dark bad boy, in this Star Wars production with invigorating cinematic ambition, transposing the franchise into a grayer, harsher, rawer tone. From the pen of Tony Gilroy, the man behind Jason Bourne, Andor indeed succeeds in imposing its naturalistic atmosphere which changes Star Wars.


Bringing the old woman’s adventures up to date Scrooge Band is a total success. From the brilliantly dusted opening credits to the incredibly reinforced mythology, it’s impossible not to get caught up in Riri, Fifi and Loulou, in stories each crazier and more fun than the last.
Actual status : season 3 broadcast in 2021 was the last.


A prank Die Hard which hits the nail on the head. An action comedy set during the New York holiday season, the series brings together archer Clint Barton and a vibrant young fan named Kate Bishop. The duo works at full capacity, the lines fly and the crazy action sequences follow one another with great rhythm. Not to mention a host of delightful cameos…
Actual status : a spin-off, Echo, is currently being filmed. But no season 2 in sight at the moment.

9) WHAT IF…?

Based on the comics of the same name, this animated series replays the Marvel cinematic universe, modifying a major element of the story. What if Thanos was nice? What if Peggy Carter had taken the “Super Soldier” serum instead of Steve Rogers? A most delightful introduction to the multiverse, narrated by the immense Jeffrey Wright, in the role of The Watcher. More essential to the MCU than initially thought.
Actual status : season 2 is expected in 2024.


A candy-shaped police comedy that we savor episode after episode, wondering who the killer is. A way to rethink the classic Whodunit in a pop and invigorating way, thanks in particular to Selena Gomez and the wonderfully endearing trio that she forms alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short.
Actual status : Season 3 was broadcast in summer 2023. Season 4 has been ordered.


It’s THE platform’s showcase. The very first live action series from the George Lucas universe. We follow the adventures of a Bounty Hunter, in a Galaxy that is searching for itself, after the fall of the Empire (Episode VI) and while the First Order is just being built. A rhythmic first season, with the appearance in the Star Wars Universe of a figure who will turn everything upside down: the essential Baby Yoda!
Actual status : season 3 was broadcast in 2023. A season 4 is planned.


Without a doubt the best series taking place in the universe of Star Wars. We happily find Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker, between Episode II and Episode III, in the middle of the Clone Wars. There we discover a young Padawan named Ahsoka Tano. And it’s a whole part of the history of the very, very distant Galaxy, which is written in these 7 seasons.
Actual status : the final season 7 was released in 2020 on the platform. The series is over.


First successful attempt for the Marvel Universe, moved to the small screen in a spectacular way in 2021, with this first series of the wildly original MCU. A mix between a homage to old sitcoms of yesteryear and a Marvel blockbuster of today. We are surprised in each episode and Elizabeth Olsen finally has the opportunity to show the extent of her talent in the franchise.
Actual status : no season 2, but the film Doctor Strange 2 acts as a direct sequel. And then Agatha Harkness will return with its spin-off.


Andrew Garfield does his True Detective in this absolutely astonishing true crime. A chilling dive into Midwest America, the land of the Mormons, where the word of God surpasses the laws of Men. During 7 absolutely fascinating episodes, we explore the life of this community like no other and its horrible excesses. A rural thriller with disturbing accents, which gradually slides towards the human, in an attempt to understand how blind faith can lead to the justification of the worst.
Actual status : a mini-series without sequel.


The best Marvel series currently. A crazy epic through space-time, surprising and exciting, which introduced the Multiverse of the MCU long before No Way Home And Doctor Strange. Tom Hiddleston excels there, well accompanied by Owen Wilson, with whom he forms an explosive duo.
Actual status : season 2 is broadcast in 2023. No season 3 announced.


A crazy story, all the more revolting and upsetting because it is true. The health catastrophe of the opioid crisis, which ravaged the United States in the 1990s and 2000s, is recounted in meticulous detail in this shocking mini-series, which takes all points of view to better help us understand the extent of the drama. . Michael Keaton, Kaitlyn Dever, Rosiaro Dawson and Will Poulter deliver exceptional performances.
Actual status : a mini-series without sequel.


Definitely the craziest thing you’ll see on Disney +! A 468-minute documentary with the “Fab Four” from Liverpool, in the middle of composing their latest album and before their final concert together, improvised on the roof of their record company in Savile Row. An extraordinary exploration of the most important group in music history, based on previously unreleased recordings unearthed by Peter Jackson. Love is all you need.
Actual status : The doc has three parts of two to three hours. And no more.

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