This Euphoria star was almost fired for taking drugs

This Euphoria star was almost fired for taking drugs

Actor Dominic Fike says he was “ripped through a lot of filming!”

When reality catches up with fiction. In an unfiltered interview with Apple Music, the actor Dominic Fike reveals that his drug addiction almost cost him his role in Euphoria. The actor plays Elliot, since season 2, very close to Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Hunter Schafer), but it almost didn’t last long:

“I was a drug addict and it was very difficult for me to participate in a series centered mainly on drugs”, explains Fike, who confides that the creator of the series, Sam Levinsoneven found him a coach to get sober, “someone who was there with me all the time”. But that did not work. Fike admits he was often stoned during filming:

“I was so torn for a lot of the filming! But I got scolded for the whole thing. I almost got fired seriously. They pulled me aside. They basically said, ‘Bro , you can not do that !”

Dominic Fike knew how to recover and he is still there and should even return in the third season ofEuphoria : “It’s going to be fantastic to find everyone. I have a better dynamic with the team now“. Except maybe with Hunter Schaferhis ex-girlfriend in real life, with whom he recently broke up: “I think it will still be fine… We are all adults. Or almost. I try anyway.

Season 3 ofEuphoria will be released in 2025 on HBO.

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