This former Game of Thrones sage hopes to return in the Jon Snow spin-off

This former Game of Thrones sage hopes to return in the Jon Snow spin-off

“I might show up again!” Says Liam Cunningham, Kit Harington’s right-hand man and loyal adviser in the original series.

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the end of Game of Thrones!

It has now been four years since Game Of Thrones aired its final episode. Like any last image, we remember Jon Snow heading north with the Sauvageons. Now, even if absolutely nothing is officially fixed at HBO, several spin-offs are in preparation, including a particularly awaited around the former Night’s Watch, written and produced by Kit Harington himself. We then imagine that the derived series should extend the universe of Westeros beyond the Wall, and follow the (false) bastard of Ned Stark towards the unknown.

If the project materializes one day, Liam Cunningham obviously very keen to participate. The one who interprets Sir Davos since the beginning of season 2 wishes to see his duet with Jon Snow reunited again. In Game Of Throneshe is his right arm, his most faithful adviser when it comes to politics or military strategy.

In an interview with Den of Geek, the actor explains that he sent a text message to Kit Harington, summing up in three words: “Better Call Davos” (“You better call Davos”). But apart from this quick exchange in reference to the series Better Call Saul, the actor has “nothing learned since. I wish them the best, whoever is involved in the project. And if the check is big enough, I might just show up again!”, he then quips.

For the moment, this spin-off is not yet guaranteed. Last May, Francesca Orsi, the boss of the HBO series, reminded Deadline qthat the series is only at the “very early stages of development”.We work with insistence, with the authors, to put it in shape and possibly validate the project and give it the green light. But at this stage, there is no certainty that the project will go all the way.”she added.

In any case, for Liam Cunningham, the universe of the series still has a bright future ahead of it. “I think that Game Of Thrones is one of those things that will be rediscovered by people every decade, as if those of the previous decade had forgotten it. I see him a bit like Dracula, for whom it is regularly the case”, he explains. By reinventing and extending the universe of Westeros, the actor believes that the series, which he describes as a real “cultural phenomenon”, will last.

For the moment, the only project validated by HBO, apart from season 2 of House of the Dragon (which can continue to shoot despite the Hollywood strike) is the series The Hedge Knightadapted from the short stories Dunk&Egg by George RR Martin.

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