Fallout atomizes the post-apocalyptic genre (review)

Where is Fallout Season 2? “We work as quickly as we can”

The showrunners assure that the sequel will be done more quickly, because they can “build on everything they have already built in season 1: sets, objects and costumes, special effects…”

Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet have barely revealed the first season of fallout to the public that Prime Video immediately ordered the sequel from them. The showrunner duo is therefore actively working on season 2… and the next billion?

“We like to say that we will make a billion as a joke to avoid the question, because it's not really us who decide that, responds Wagner to The Hollywood Reporter. In fact, what we would like is to end each new season with a partly satisfactory conclusion, but which would at the same time open up new things. More seriously, we talked about three or five seasons ideally, and given the success the series has received, five now seems a more attractive number. Finally, this industry evolves over time, so we try to envisage each new season by telling ourselves: 'It's the last.'

“Not to mention that we may be replaced by robots by season 5”retorts his accomplice.

Fallout atomizes the post-apocalyptic genre (review)

Confirming that he would no longer shoot the sequel in New York State, but in California, which fits better with the post-apocalyptic and desert atmosphere of the series, and which should offer them milder weather, they explain also that Fallout season 2 will certainly be quicker to put together than the first 8 episodes. Without giving a precise date. Will the series be ready at the end of 2025? Or rather early 2026?

“We're working as quickly as we can, and we'll be able to build on everything we've already built in season 1, they swear. We have sets, objects and costumes, special effects… we have lots of things that are already developed. So we can afford to spend the second to release this sequel as quickly as humanly possible.”

Not to mention that now, the actors know their score perfectly, Ella Purnell (Lucy), Aaron Clifton Moten (Max) and Walton Goggins (The Ghoul) in the lead.

“We really breathed a sigh of relief when we realized that Ella was such an incredible performer that she managed to not make Lucy irritating, says Robertson-Dowret on this subject. We were very afraid of this as our heroine was a person from a privileged background, we feared that the viewer might resent her because of this. She comes from a world where people have possessions and finds herself in this desert full of survivors who have nothing, and she looks down on them a little at first, she is able to judge their decisions, what they do to stay alive. We know that people appreciate the fact that Max is a more ambiguous character, and we want to continue to explore that in season 2, to mix the tones. This show can have moments that are almost straight from a sitcom, and the next moment everyone's shooting each other bloody.”

Don't count on them to reveal any surprises about the plot of this sequel either: if plot elements are clearly teased at the end of season 1, you will have to wait for the sequel to find out precisely what references they will make games.

“We have 25 years of games behind us, she continues. There are so many things that we dreamed of placing in our story from the start, brilliant ideas for characters, or creatures, or even settings. The more we advance, the more we can afford to continue to bring new things to nourish the mythology of Fallout.

Reassuring words, supplemented by this confession from Graham Wagner at the start of the interview:

“The popularity of the series was a huge surprise for us. Perhaps because we didn't build it for others? We made it first for ourselves, it's something important in our approach.”

He goes on to explain that they will continue to delve deeper into existential questions, between two cringeworthy jokes about society, but also more touching moments between key characters in the plot. Reacting to a line from season 1 where the young girl explains to the Ghoul that she could “end up looking like her, but never end up like her”He specifies :

“The question that runs through the entire series is: Will Lucy manage to maintain her course of action? It's a sort of dilemma around the subject: what is natural and what is- what we acquire through learning? How did growing up in a protected shelter profoundly affect the way we behave? What we've already written about in season 2 explores just that. , how far can we push this heroine?”

Geneva adds that these questions also work for the other two main characters:

“Lucy has only been outside for a few days, Maximus has grown up there for 20 or 30 years, and the Ghoul has been there for 200 years. That's why Maximus is a character more affected by the issue of violence than the Ghoul. He always hopes to do what's right, but he knows how hard it is, if he does something immoral, it's always with the aim of ultimately making a good decision.”

Fallout – season 2 doesn't yet have a release date, but it appears to be in good hands. Patience…

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