X, Pearl, Maxxxine: Ti West's entire horror trilogy is coming to theaters

X, Pearl, Maxxxine: Ti West’s entire horror trilogy is coming to theaters

All three Mia Goth horror movies will be hitting the big screen in the middle of summer. Be careful, it’s going to bleed!

Horror fans are sure to have a great summer. As the conclusion to the horror saga of Ti West has been brought forward to July 31, the distributor Condor, in charge of the release of Maxxinerecently announced the theatrical release of the previous installments: X And Pearl at the cinema. The opportunity to see or re-see a striking Mia Goth.

End of 2022, X had only accumulated a little over 48,000 admissions in France upon its release, and Pearl was directly available on VOD. This announcement allows these two films to come back in force – especially since now, thanks to social networks, they have acquired growing popularity with the public. Maxxine will conclude it all with an overdose of hemoglobin.

In Xthe first part of the trilogy, Ti West pays tribute to Chainsaw Massacre and returns to the roots of horror, in the 70s, at a time when gore rhymed with sex. A group of young amateurs, including Jenna Ortega and Mia Goth (Maxine Minx), decide to shoot a pornographic film in an isolated farm in the sticks. But quickly, the shoot becomes the macabre scene of a violent and bloody killing….

Beware of appearances, especially of the awkward grandmother who welcomes the young people of X. In the manner of Star Warsgoing back, Pearl takes place years before this bloodbath and builds the genesis of this distressing grandmother, Pearl. In 1918, when she still has her whole life ahead of her, Pearl is stuck in the countryside, forced to take care of her family and her seriously ill father. But Pearl dreams of greatness, of becoming a star. Attracted by the stage, she sees fame in her eyes and is ready to do anything to wait for it. Here, Ti West makes multiple nods to Technicolor films…

Conclusion of the trilogy, Maxxine returns to the main heroine. In the 80s, Maxine Minx goes to auditions to become the next rising star of Hollywood and the star of horror movies. Exit Jamie Lee Curtis. But in this landscape breathing glam and rhinestones, the perms are stained with hemoglobin, while Maxine’s past resurfaces and a serial killer, the night stalker prowls the streets of Los Angeles. Like Pearl before her, Maxine seems ready to do anything to let no one come between her and glory.

See you on July 31 for one last thrill.

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