Julia Roberts faces the apocalypse in The World After Us: trailer

After Zendaya in Challengers, Luca Guadagnino will turn Julia Roberts

The 56-year-old actress will star in the thriller After the Hunt.

The Italian director of Call me by your Name, Luca Guadagnino, is increasingly trendy in Hollywood. While he has just turned Zendaya In Challengers (in April at the cinema), he is preparing to bring back Julia Roberts on the big screen, in a thriller produced by Amazon and MGM, which will be called After the Hunt.

Julia Roberts will be the lead role in the film, written by Nora Garrett and directed by Guadagnino. The script has made waves in Hollywood, and is moving forward with a reputation of being ” one of the best scenarios » post-industrial strikes.

Described as a “ intense dramatic thriller “, After the Hunt revolves around a university professor who must face a dark secret after one of his colleagues is accused by a star student.

No dates or other actors announced yet.

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