Command Z: Steven Soderbergh's unlikely surprise SF series

Command Z: Steven Soderbergh’s unlikely surprise SF series

To see on a dedicated website, for the price of $7.99. The money will be donated to charity.

Waiting to see full-circlesoon to be released on the Max platform, Steven Soderbergh just released a brand new surprise series. An SF creation entitled Command Z, which no one had heard of and which was financed directly by his production company. A somewhat crazy story of anticipation, which can be seen in its entirety on a dedicated website – for $7.99 – and not on any platform.

Command Z went live this week and tells a story of anticipation inspired by Kurt Andersen’s book Evil Geniuses: The Unmaking of America: A Recent History.

We discover a trio (JJ Maley, Roy Wood, Jr. And Chloe Radcliffe) in the not so distant future. These three, stuck in a damp room and dressed in blue jumpsuits, are summoned by the artificial intelligence of deceased billionaire Kerning Fealty (Michael Cera) to embark on a project to turn back time to July 17, 2023 – the launch day of Command Z. The goal: to influence other titans of the industry so that they do not make fatal decisions for the world. To do this, Kerning employees must walk through an activated wormhole by drinking a strange substance and looking into a washing machine! Once connected to the past, they use nanobots – delivered via hydroalcoholic gel – to latch onto the brains of people who can eventually convince their targets to make choices that will better the planet…

The missions tackle different apocalyptic themes, such as climate change, Wall Street greed or the obsession with social media. The series therefore has a humanist vocation and moreover, the money collected will be used to finance charitable actions.

Steven Soderbergh directed all 8 episodes. Command Z lasts just over 90 minutes in total.

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