Scott Derrickson (Black Phone) is ready to remake Night of the Hunter

Scott Derrickson (Black Phone) is ready to remake Night of the Hunter

The challenge is significant, as the version with Robert Mitchum is considered a classic.

Deadline reveals that the next project of Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill, after the design of Black Phone 2will be a new adaptation of The hunter's night. Published in 1953, Davis Grubb's novel gave rise to one of the most memorable thrillers in American history, two years later, directed by actor Charles Laughton (M the Accursed) and worn by Robert Mitchum as Harry Powell, unscrupulous assassin.


Beneath his appearance as a kind preacher, this evil figure has frightened generations of spectators since his release, this great cinema villain not hesitating to attack women and children with violence. Charles Laughton knew how to get the best out of the novel, offering with his only film as director a breathtaking work, with a particularly dark and striking atmosphere.

The screenwriter and director of Sinister and of Black Phone will they be able to match it? This Universal project, announced in 2020 but without a creative team, promises to be quite a challenge! Amy Pascal and Peter Gethers will be producing, and for the moment, they are all taking care not to talk about a remake, as the original film is so cult, but rather about “readaptation of the novel”.

Ethan Hawke, who also played an evil figure in Black Phonewill he play the new Harry Powell?

Who to replace Robert Mitchum in the remake of The Night of the Hunter?

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