The day Willem Dafoe realized he had “a special face”

The day Willem Dafoe realized he had “a special face”

“I will remember it all my life,” says the actor, hilarious.

In full promotion of Poor creaturesby Yorgos Lanthimos (which will be released in France on January 17), William Dafoe recounted, hilariously, on the set of Todaythe day he realized that he had “a special face”.

He does not precisely date his anecdote, but mentions his son, Jack, born in 1982. This revelation therefore undoubtedly took place during this decade or the following, when he was already famous for Platoon Or The Last Temptation of Christbut before he played Harry Osborn/The Green Goblin in Spiderman.

“I learned one day that I had a particular face, although I was not really aware of it, he says. I will remember it all my life: I was on the subway in New York, at night and accompanied by my son, when the city was still quite wild. We were going down to the Bronx. And then some guys on the train started staring at me. They didn’t look comfortable. I said to myself : ‘Damn, even if I’m with my son, they might attack me or tax me for money. Something bad is about to happen.’ They looked really mean and kept looking at me and then glancing at each other. When all of a sudden, one of them said to his friend: ‘Yeah, it must be him. Nobody looks like this bastard!’ Then I knew. (laughs)

Next year, Willem Dafoe will also be appearing in Beetlejuiceby Tim Burton, and Nosferatuby Robert Eggers.

Here is the synopsis and trailer for Poor Things :

After drowning to escape her abusive husband, Bella Baxter’s brain is replaced with that of her unborn child.

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