The Marseille Music & Cinema Festival presents its jury and its programming

The Marseille Music & Cinema Festival presents its jury and its programming

Composers, directors and producers make up the festival juries.

“Dedicated to the promotion of young cinematographic creation and musical creation for the image, the International Music & Cinema Festival Marseille (MCM) has for 25 years offered a unique editorial line in Europe. Its artistic policy is structured around four complementary and inseparable actions: supporting the international diffusion of first works, offering a training space, promoting cultural diversity and being a place of image education. Thus, the Festival promotes the emergence of young international talents through the diffusion of quality works representing fields of experimentation in tone, form and subject, while seeking to make these works accessible to all. The MCM highlights cultural diversity by creating a space of dialogue through international programming. It offers the public and artists cinematographies where languages ​​and practices are different, enriching and constructive.”

As the press release indicates, the music and cinema festival has been home to a collaborative artistic project between sound and image for 25 years now. The event aims to encourage the emergence of young talents, in order to promote cultural diversity, train and enable talents to create in order to then create an image education center.

“Created in 1999, the event has become an unmissable event for the national and international professional community and positions itself as a benchmark for musical composition for the imagecontinue its organizers. With 300 films presented each year, the MCM brings together more than 1,000 professionals and 25,000 spectators around unique screenings, inspiring encounters and exceptional musical events open to all audiences.”

The festival press release revealed the artist members who will make up the feature film and short film jury of this festival. 10 long and 65 short compete for prizes. The programming, set like music paper, is located here.

Feature film jury:

Audrey Ismaël, singer, author and composer, she signed the soundtrack of the film The consent of Vanessa Filho.

Blandine Lenoir, actress and directorDawn with Agnes Jaoui, Annie Anger with Laura Calamy.

Selma Mutal, composer, she wrote the soundtrack for The Milk of Sorrow movie of Claudia Llosa.

-Mounia Meddour director, she directed Papicha And Houria with Lyna Khoudri.

Among the 10 feature films in competition, Slow of Marija Kavtaradze. Elena and Dovydas' romantic encounter suggests the different hues that love can take. How to live your desire, or your absence of desire? The director tries to answer it. In another register, Without Air may refer to the suffocating climate of The teachers' room, ofİlker Chatak. Directed by Katalin Moldovai, the film portrays a teacher committed to defending the teaching profession. She fights against the insidious ostracism that plagues the profession.

The other projects in competition can be found here.

Short film jury:

Laetitia Pansanel-Garric, composer, who notably composed the soundtrack of the film The oath of Pamfir of Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk.

Valéry Carnoy, Belgian short film director, My planet And Titan.

Arthur Simonini, composer of more than 50 soundtracks: series bardot (France2) and Portrait of the girl on fire of Celine Sciamma.

Lionel Massol, producer of short and feature films as the Big Eight Movies with Pauline Seigland.

Eleven programs bring together the 65 short films in the competition. Among them, With the right humanity of Kacper Checinski. Josephine of Meaux (our happy days, ugly) is Hélène, deputy director of Pole Emploi, panicked by the desperate email of an unemployed woman in distress. Also, Balladen of Christofer Nilsson invokes the prism of the strange with a burned-out bicycle delivery man, who launches into a thoughtless act of rebellion: locking himself in the house of the customers he came to deliver.

The short films in the running can be found here.

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“All screenings are offered in the original version with subtitles in English and French. Feature films are preceded by a short film out of competition. All films are available in audio description on request. All competition films are broadcast in person of their directors and/or composers from the four corners of the globe.”

The audiovisual festival has its guests of honor on its program, among them, Olivier Nakache And Eric Toledano. The duo left their mark on French cinema thanks to their witty social comedies. Joins the duo, Zahia Ziouani, world-famous conductor. The Latvian-American composer, Lolita Ritmanisknown for her film and television scores, notably her work on the animated series Batman Beyond, will be there. She wrote : “Sometimes the music functions as a character in the story; she comments, draws attention to one thing or another. Other times, the perception of music is subliminal. Every project is different, and every relationship different. Trust is essential.

The International Festival Music & Cinema will take place in Marseille from April 1 to 6, 2024.

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