The Sonic saga aims to resemble the Avengers

The Sonic saga aims to resemble the Avengers

The producer explains how the Sonic films will now be events that bring together characters from the games, introduced in detail.

With 700 million dollars in two films, Sonic may not be as profitable as a Iron Man, but he still has the shoulders to become the standard-bearer of a brand new franchise for Paramount. A film and television franchise”Avengers level” even hopes its producer.

Toby Ascher, behind the films Sonic the Hedgehogconfides in a new interview with Paste Magazine, to see in the very long term with the blue hedgehog derived from SEGA games, while the series Knuckles arrives on Paramount +: “We're really excited about the idea of ​​expanding our characters and this universe to television. Particularly because it gives us a platform to really explore side characters…” So the producer's idea is that the films Sonic to come become “Assemble!” moments.

“With the arrival of Shadow in Sonic 3 and some big things we want to put in place, the Sonic franchise in cinema will now be made up of Avengers-style events. They will be big, exciting stories that will feature many different characters .”

With this in mind, derived series like Knuckles will introduce new heroes from the games, and then bring them back to the big screen: “Television allows us to delve deeper into some of the more secondary characters, it gives us time to develop them in cool ways.”

Knuckles will go live on Paramount+ on April 26, 2024 and will be the first spin-off series from SonicVerse. We should find the character dubbed by Idris Elba in the movie Sonic 3next December at the cinema, where Shadow, another hedgehog will be introduced supersonic from games. We understand that other characters will be added little by little to the franchise, via other series (not yet announced).

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